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Kerri Houston

I'm an active member of the Therapy Dog Foundation
& Toy Dog Club of South Florida where I have served
on the Board of Directors for several years. 

Because my litters are exclusively bred for my next show puppy,
I will on occasion have elegant pet puppies available.

Breeding Shih Tzu that are well conformed to the breed standard
is an effort that requires study of the standard and the breed. 
Showing my dogs has been a tremendous aid in this learning process.
Shih Tzu adult and puppies that conform to the breed standard
are what I, as a responsible breeder, strive to produce
in my breeding program.

My dogs are a huge part of my life. I share my home with them
and they are treated as members of the family.
My dogs sleep on the beds & travel with us on family vacations too.
Dog shows are my passion and it is something I will do
for the rest of my life!

My son is occasionally available for showing
 and grooming on Sundays. You can visit his page

Please read important information on FAQ page.
Many questions you may have will be answered there.

Breeding for International Champions
& Beautiful Pets

Top International Champion
Shih Tzu Breeder
in Palm Beach County



Home     About Me     My Shih Tzu     FAQ     Puppies     News     Artwork    Fab Finds


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