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Deposit Policy

I will accept a waiting list deposit of $100
to hold your placement for a puppy
from the upcoming litter.

Selection is based on the order in which deposits
are received.
When the litter is 9 weeks old,
I evaluate each puppy.

 * $500 CASH Payment due at 4 weeks of age *

I will pick my show puppy at 9 weeks,
then the 1st depositor will choose,
then the 2nd depositor will choose, etc…

Once a particular puppy has been chosen by
the depositor, then no one else
will be offered that puppy.

CASH ONLY at time of pick up.
I do not accept checks or Paypal.

Refunds on Deposits

The deposit is totally refunded if there are not
enough puppies in the litter for which
the deposit was placed.

In the event this happens,
depositor has the choice to keep the deposit
in place towards the next litter that will come
after that particular litter, or request a refund.


Please take a moment to view my FAQ page
& Fab Finds for products you will need.



Home     About Me     My Shih Tzu     FAQ     Puppies     News     Artwork    Fab Finds



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